Who We Are

Current Board Members

Janell Matthies became actively involved in animal welfare over 25 years ago. She has Janell Matthiesbeen professionally involved in emergency animal rescue with various national organizations such as ASPCA, HSUS, and UAN. She created nationally recognized Standard Operating Guidelines in all aspects of emergency animal rescue and care. She continues to deploy to disaster responses and large scale cruelty cases across the country. She is trained in wild land fire safety, swift water rescue, Hazmat safety and the Incident Command System (ICS). Janell lives in Northern California with her three rescue dogs and an occasional foster.


Donna Lagomarsino holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music Education K-12 from Dl PHOTOMontclair State College. She spent 33 years as a public school teacher in New Jersey where she was born and raised. Upon retirement, she and her husband re-located to Bluffton, South Carolina. Donna first became involved in animal welfare when she joined her local CART (County Animal Response Team) in Pennsylvania and from that experience, the desire to become part of a bigger picture was set in motion. She pursued training with RedRover (formerly United Animal Nations) and the Humane Society of the United States. She now volunteers as Team Leader and Workshop Facilitator for RedRover and is a Consultant for the Humane Society of the United States. In addition, she is also a volunteer and Relocation Driver for the ASPCA. Along with her husband, Donna shares her home with a number of cats and two dogs.


Lou Montgomery has a Doctorate in Microbiology and Immunology from the Medical IMG_0345College of Virginia. She spent eighteen years in higher education before retiring to pursue volunteer work in animal rescue. After volunteering at her local shelter, she worked as a vet tech in their medical facility for nearly 3 years where she cared for animals from several rescues done by The Humane Society of the United States. She is a volunteer responder for Red Rover, works as a consultant for HSUS and continues to volunteer with a local rescue group. She lives in Silver Spring, Maryland with her spouse and their two fur kids.


Julie Rathbun is an active volunteer with many local and national organizations including Red Rover (formerly UAN), HSUS, ASPCA, HSMO, and FLSARC responding to disasters and large scale cruelty cases. Julie’s goal is to raise awareness of responsible animal stewardship, with emphasis on food animals, research animals, military and law enforcement K-9 officers, animals in entertainment, and overpopulation of companion animals. She shares her home in Alabama with her dogs, a small TNR feral cat colony, and occasionally fosters and transports animals.


Kim Vaughn received her Bachelor of Science in Business from The University of SouthFullSizeRender Alabama and majored in Accounting. Aside from her many years managing financial aspects of businesses and non-profits, she has been a volunteer with Azalea City Cat Coalition and Animal Rescue Foundation for over fifteen years, assisting with TNR and feral cat management. She is also involved with Awakening Respect and Compassion (ARC), which advocates and educates for vegan living. Kim currently lives in Mobile, AL with her beloved assortment of cats and dogs.