A Guardian Angel Foundation is committed to improving the quality of life for animals, one initiative Screen_Shot_2014-09-18_at_9.59.18_PMat a time. In all that we do, we work collaboratively with like-minded advocates and organizations to improve animal welfare by providing critical funding to qualified groups. We make it possible for individuals and groups to apply their talents and resources toward our mutual goal of a better world.

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Recipients for today’s Big Day of Giving, the day for giving back,  are two of  our favorites. They brought us all together and have continued over the years to beat the odds and do what needs to be done!

Congratulations Front Street Animal Shelter and RedRover!!!



Look at all the amazing groups you have
helped recently with your donations!

Thousands of animals will not have to suffer hardship or
homelessness due to your generosity. Thank you on their behalf.

June 2015 – Azalea Cat Coalition, AL
June 2015 – Noah’s Ark Sanctuary, GA
July 2015 – Good Mews, GA
August 2015 – Krewe de Rescue, AL
October 2015 – Azalea Cat Coalition, AL

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“Oh, the double-edged sword of Facebook. Rescuers know it well – what started as a brilliant method for sharing dogs in need and utilizing well-meaning volunteers has effectively become what many of us will consider the biggest thorn in our sides”

Announcing our latest grant recipients for Spay Day USA 2015!!

Clarksdale Animal Rescue Effort & Shelter (CARES), Clarksdale MS

Dog Aide, Detroit MI

Krewe De Rescue, Mobile, AL

Operation Spay Bay, Panama City, FL

These grants were awarded to acknowledge the organizations’ innovative and dedicated work in animal welfare and to help them promote spay and neuter within their communities.

Thank you for the noble work you do.

Happy Spay Day everyone!

Photo courtesy of Dr. Gordon Mereyo Airport Animal Clinic. http://www.drmerayo.com/the-truth-about-spaying-and-neutering/